Looking at the numbers, it’s hard not to conclude that Israel’s third coronavirus wave is just getting started. Last week saw an average of 913 cases/day, compared to 664/day previously, a rise of around 38%. For the past few weeks this statistic has been misleading, as it combined growth in…

It’s time to admit defeat and take back control

Imagine, if you can, this time last year. Life was good, or at least normal.

Then history takes a peculiar turn. Your government decides to forge an “elastic nation” to prepare for life in the future. As a first step, it abolishes the school calendar — no more lazy summers…

Why tiny changes in behavior can have a huge effect

If you’ve been following the news about the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve probably heard about the reproduction rate R.

For a particular region and time, R is defined as the average number of people infected by each infected person. …

Gideon Greenspan

Developer, entrepreneur and lecturer. PhD Computer Science. Originally from London, now in Tel Aviv.

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